If you live in or visit the Sullivan County area, especially in the warmer months, you may be familiar with Chick E Ribs BBQ. Chick E Ribs is well known and loved in Sullivan county for their authentic wood fired bbq. But until this year, Chick E Ribs has been seasonal. So, if you got the craving for delicious bbq in January, you were out of luck. All that is about to change.

Chick E Ribs BBQ has announced that they will be fulfilling their dream of opening a year round location. They’ve been teasing us with the news, but they have finally announced where the new location will be, and it’s only about a mile from their current seasonal location. The new location will be at Colonial Square Mall on Route 52 in Liberty. 

The folks at Chick E Ribs are installing an indoor wood smoker, and keeping their outdoor smokers for daily use as well. They promise that they will not sacrifice or change the quality of food, in fact, they say they will even be adding some exciting new products to the menu. And the menu as it is right now is pretty incredible with ribs, brisket, chicken, pulled pork, sausage and Sabrett hot dogs. Not to mention their famous home-made side dishes.

Chick E Ribs hope to open the new year round location sometime in February. This is exciting news for Sullivan County bbq lovers. If you’re planning a trip to Sullivan County in the near future, this sounds like the perfect place to enjoy some comfort food and delicious bbq. To see the menu and to find out more about the new location, visit the Chick E Ribs website.  

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