In 2023, the Hudson Valley saw a wide variety of different new restaurants that opened their doors.

Recently, a New Paltz, NY fan favorite, Mexican grill, expanded and opened a second location. A Kingston, NY restaurant also opened a second location within Ulster County, NY as well.

Brazilian and ukrainian flavors spiced up the streets in Dutchess County, NY with their new location. An Italian eatery expanded to their second location within Orange County, NY.

As all of these new Hudson Valley businesses have brought something different to the table, the newest restaurant in our area is focusing on something different.

New Hearty And Nutritious Hudson Valley Restaurant Focuses On Local Ingredients

Hemlock Neversink, Bittersweet
Canva, Hemlock Neversink, Bittersweet

A unique retreat has opened in the Catskills. Its history not only lies within the property but throughout the historic Catskills and beautiful landmarks of the area.

The Catskills have always been a place where people feel welcomed to visit and has grown even more into a sanctuary in the Hudson Valley.

Hemlock Neversink has opened their doors in Neversink, NY. Located within the Catskills, this new resort has 230 acres filled with wildflower meadows, trails to explore and breathtaking views. Their campus is also over 100 years old, filled with history. Hemlock Neversink is by Foster Supply Hospitality. 

This new resort has something for everyone. Guests can soak in the hot tub and saunas, swim in the indoor pool, move in the gym and simply unwind in the relaxation room. Guests can also join in their group bonfires outdoors along with a sunrise stretch. Animal therapy, morning dance class and cloud spotting are also on the list of possibilities at Hemlock Neversink.

A nutritional guidance session and Neversink Ice and Stone Ritual are some of the many options available on site.

Hemlock Neversink has opened their restaurant inside of the resort.

Hemlock Neversink Resort's Restaurant Has Opened, Bittersweet

Hemlock Neversink, Bittersweet
Canva, Hemlock Neversink, Bittersweet

Bittersweet has 

"A plant-focused menu where local ingredients take center stage."

Those who visit Hemlock Neversink can experience Bittersweet which features plant based ingredients to create healthy meals.

Hemlock Neversink has also described their restaurant, Bittersweet."

"Tradition meets innovation as we blend live fire and modern techniques to create our dishes. Our focus isn't on fussiness, but on letting the exceptional ingredients shine."


"Depending on the day or night, Bittersweet’s menu will include different daily offerings and a multi-course tasting dinner menu inspired by one of our producer’s deliveries that morning."

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How Is Hemlock Neversink's Restaurant Different From Others?

Hemlock Neversink, Bittersweet
Canva, Hemlock Neversink, Bittersweet

Hemlock Neversink explained,

"Bittersweet breaks the mold of a typical spa restaurant, offering a fresh, exciting menu that doesn't compromise on healthiness and changes daily - enhancing the fluidity and excitement of your stay."

In the morning, guests can enjoy food from the kitchen such as fresh juices and homemade granola. Lunch at Bittersweet can look like nourishing salads with hearty soups.

Hemlock Neversink takes pride in using local and seasonal ingredients at Bittersweet. Thoughtful snacks are also provided throughout the day. Their prix fixe menu is available for dinner.

Hemlock Neversink described dinner at Bittersweet as, 

“choose your own adventure” to cap off a day filled with action or relaxation."

Guests can experience personalized dining at Bittersweet by eating something new during each meal including their vegetable forward menu.

Their breakfast hours are 7:30 am until 10:00 am. Lunch takes off at 12:00pm and goes until 2:00pm with dinner at 5:30 pm until 8:30pm.

Outside Guests Can Enjoy Fresh Meals At Hemlock Neversink's Restaurant, Bittersweet

Hemlock Neversink, Bittersweet
Canva, Hemlock Neversink, Bittersweet

Lunch and dinner options are also available for outside guests as well, they are by reservation only. Those who are interested can call 845-985-1183 to make reservations.

Sample lunch and dinner menus can be found on their website. Those who are interested in cooking classes can be taught by Hemlock Neversink's restaurant, Bittersweet's skilled chefs along with their nutrition experts.

Hemlock Neversink

7491 State Rte 55, Neversink, NY 12765

Which new Hudson Valley restaurant have you heard about and want to visit? Share with us below.

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