Whether it's somewhere out of the state or simply out of your neighborhood, it's essential to escape.

Escaping could look different to everyone. Traveling to a new country or simply spending a night in a local air bnb or retreat could qualify as a much needed break for some people.

Thankfully, there are plenty of places that we can disconnect, recharge and relax within the Hudson Valley.

Where Can You Disconnect And Restore Within The Hudson Valley?


An Ulster County, NY resort and spa not only has several amenities but an upcoming holiday event, perfect for guests who want to spend the night and fully enjoy their time.

A Sullivan County, NY crystal paradise has on site amenities for guests such as an adventure into their newest underground salt cave. Guests can also spend the night in their Air bnb in their Cozy Crystal Mountain Cottage with a saltwater pool.

One of the most Instagram-worthy stays is a new business that's located in Big Indian, NY.

While the Hudson Valley now knows about these new stays, new doors have also opened in our area, bringing more wellness and peace.

A New Wellness Spa And Hotel Has Opened In Sullivan County, NY

A unique retreat has opened in the Catskills. Its history not only lies within the property but throughout the historic Catskills and beautiful landmarks of the area.

The Catskills have always been a place where people feel welcomed to visit and has grown even more into a sanctuary in the Hudson Valley.

Different businesses and lodges have opened in the Catskills, each bringing some different and unique into the healing and wellness industry.

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Hemlock Neversink Is A New Resort That Has Opened In The Catskills

Hemlock Neversink has opened their doors in Neversink, NY. Located within the Catskills, this new resort has 230 acres filled with wildflower meadows, trails to explore and breathtaking views. Their campus is also over 100 years old, filled with history.

Hemlock Neversink is by Foster Supply Hospitality. They can be described as

"Hemlock Neversink is an escape for your personal restoration. A place to indulge your curiosity. "

The Co Founder, Kirsten Foster explained that their vision of wellness isn't just about achieving perfection but instead, achieving the level of happiness along with having fun and feeling restored at Hemlock Neversink.

Guests can take part in the all-inclusive rate that includes a wide variety of options. This rate includes workshops, meals, activities and a dedicated and experienced guide along the way.

What Does Hemlock Neversink Have To Offer For Guests That Are Visiting?

This new resort has something for everyone. Guests can soak in the hot tub and saunas, swim in the indoor pool, move in the gym and simply unwind in the relaxation room.

I was excited to learn about all that Hemlock Neversink has to offer.

Guests can also join in their group bonfires outdoors along with a sunrise stretch. Animal therapy, morning dance class and cloud spotting are also on the list of possibilities at Hemlock Neversink.

A nutritional guidance session and Neversink Ice and Stone Ritual are some of the many options available on site.

Previous classes that were offered at this new resort included floral pressing and shamanic drumming circle. Coming up, Hemlock Neversink has candle making and a food dye workshop available.

If you're looking to spend time with animals while being outdoors, take part in their everyday goat hikes. (Sign me up!)  Their different buildings have specific purposes such as movement building, swimming pool, activity building and more.

Additional information about the Hudson Valley's newest retreat can be found on their social media platforms and website.

Hemlock Neversink

7491 State Rte 55, Neversink, NY 12765

Which retreat in the Hudson Valley would you like to experience? Share with us below.

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