Here at Lite FM, we know how busy and hectic your workday can be. Juggling your commute, your work life, and your family, all while taking care of yourself can be a lot to handle! Every now and again, it's nice to be appreciated for all of the hard work you do at your job, whatever that job may be!

We want to shed some light on our hard-working listeners and celebrate your efforts with the 94.3 Lite FM Employee of the Month!

Once a month, we're selecting one person to crown our Lite FM Employee of the Month. The monthly winner will receive a Lite FM Employee of the Month certificate as well as a celebratory pizza party at Savona's in Kingston. Our winner can bring up to 10 people to their Employee of the Month pizza party thanks to Savona's.

How to Enter 94.3 Lite FM's Employee of the Month

To be in the running for the 94.3 Lite FM Employee of the Month, please submit your information below. We'll reach out if you've been selected as one of our pizza party winners.

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