Where's the smallest diner that you ever explored in New York State? When visiting other states, we may come to a realization of how spoiled we are in New York to have so many diner options.

Looking to grab some comfort food like a grilled cheese sandwich and fries? You can always count on a diner. Those who are in need of something to eat late at night and want to indulge in breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options can head to their closest diner.

All of the diners that I've been to have been large with multiple tables, booths and a huge menu to choose from. 

New York State is also known for having unique, hidden gems with one being in Watkins Glen, NY.

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How Can You Visit The World's Smallest Diner In New York State?

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

I learned about the World's Smallest Diner when I was doing research on the Watkins Glen area in upstate New York. This was something that I was excited to see for myself in person.

Roadside America shared that the diner was built by Gerry Collins in 2017 and how it's only 34 square feet. 

World Record Academy shared that this diner has set the record of being the world's smallest diner.

What's On The Menu At The World's Smallest Diner In Watkins Glen, NY?

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

I had several questions upon arriving at this unique diner. The World's Smallest Diner was not open but I enjoyed observing all that it has offered in the past.

This diner has outside service only, along with a small menu with affordable prices.

A cheeseburger with pickles and fried onions is only $3 and their southern belle comes with meat sauce, mustard, onion and cole slaw for only $4. The World's Smallest Diner also has a pancho villa dog with meat sauce, mustard, onion and habanero cheese for $4.

Their coney island and old fashioned dogs seemed to be a fan favorite from what I learned while doing research about this hidden gem.

It's unknown if the World's Smallest Diner is currently open to the public but it's still worth visiting this fascinating diner.

What Else Can Visitors Do When Stopping By The World's Smallest Diner In Watkins Glen, NY?

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

Be sure to spend some time in nature and get your steps in at Watkins Glen State Park along with discovering hidden waterfalls in the area as well. In the Village of Watkins Glen , NY they're are locally owned shops and eateries to explore. Wine and farm tours are also available in Watkins Glen, NY.

Next to the World's Smallest Diner, there's a car lot which appears to be a car dealership and on the other side a building with a business in it.

Have you ever been to the World's Smallest Diner in New York State before? What unique building or business have you come across that others can visit in New York State? Share more with us below. 

World's Smallest Diner

Watkins Glen, NY

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