Upstate New York

Upstate Man Wins $1Million Super Bowl Contest
I honestly don't remember seeing this particular Mountain Dew commercial during the first half of the Super Bowl a few weeks back, but apparently there were a million reasons to watch it.  In case you did miss it, Mountain Dew's Super Bowl spot was used to promote their newest flavor …
NY State License Expired? You Get An Extension
If you have tried to do anything with your vehicle or your license during this pandemic, it hasn't been easy. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has been backlogged and trying to catch up on all things to do with the DMV. They also realize that New Yorkers haven't been able to…
More New Yorkers Can Get Vaccinated February 15th
My two sisters and my brothers-in-law have gotten both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. They fell into the first groups of those who were eligible to get the vaccine. Little by little Governor Andrew Cuomo is announcing more groups of people who are eligible.