Every Hudson Valley resident has their "go-to" locally owned business that they enjoy supporting, or two.

As the Hudson Valley continues to expand, local businesses have the option of forming a relationship with their customers to gain their support. While Hudson Valley residents can enjoy their favorite cocktail, meal, local clothing store or entertainment spot, it works out for the business and customer to experience.

In Ulster County, NY the community welcomes back a popular wellness business.

While in Orange County, NY residents said goodbye to Bed, Bath & Beyond and now await a new store to open in it's place.

In Dutchess County, NY a popular chain beauty store opened in a Target in a Hudson Valley mall, making one stop shopping even more convient.

An Orange County, NY Italian Eatery Is Expanding To Their Second Location

Thankfully, we live in a state where we truly have the best italian options. Hudson Valley italian restaurants serve up the best pizza, calzones, chicken parmesean, baked ziti and freshly made bread. Don't know what to eat? When in doubt, order a large cheese pizza and you're tastebuds will thank you.

An Orange County, NY restaurant is expanding to their second location, alot of Hudson Valley residents saw the announcement online.

Carlos' Cucina Italiana Pizzeria & Bar Opened Their Second Location In Goshen, NY

The exciting announcement was made on social media of Carlos' Cucina Italian Pizzeria & Bar opening their second location.

"🎉 Exciting News! 🎉


We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of the second location of Carlos Cucina Restaurant! 🍽️🍕


Join us on july 30th as we expand our culinary journey to Goshen, Our team has been working tirelessly to create an inviting and delightful dining experience for you, just like at our original location.


Indulge in our mouthwatering Italian dishes, savor the flavors of our pastas, and relish the taste of our original tasty pizzas. Our commitment to using the freshest ingredients and authentic recipes remains at the heart of our culinary philosophy.


We can't wait to welcome you to our new restaurant and continue serving you with the same warmth and hospitality that you've come to love at Carlos Cucina.

Spread the word, invite your friends, and let's celebrate together!


Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to serving you soon!


Warm regards,

Carlos Morales 

Carlos Cucina Restaurant"


The Opening Of The Second Location Of  Carlos' Cucina Italiana Pizzeria & Bar Was Made On Social Media

Hudson Valley Facebook groups shared alot of informative information about the area that we live in. From local updates, questions and information about new businesses opening or expanding, we can always learn something from this social media platform.

What Do Hudson Valley Residents Think About The Opening Of Carlos' Cucina Italiana Pizzeria & Bar In Goshen, NY?

Hudson Valley residents shared their opinion of the announcement of Carlos Cucina opening their second location in Goshen, NY. This was spread all throughout Facebook on different pages with several, positive comments from the community.

"oooooooooooo yummm We can not wait !!! Welcome and congratulations !!"


Best of luck to you at your new location in Goshen. I've been to the one in Middletown and have always had a good meal there."


"Love the one in Middletown. Can’t wait to have one in Goshen also!!"


"Congratulations! Lots of luck! Can’t wait to go!"


"Congratulations. All of your restaurants are awesome. Wishing you all the best"


"A lot of pizzerias are going lose business in the area because you folks have mastered making the perfect slice!"

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When Did Carlos' Cucina Italiana Pizzeria & Bar Open Their First Restaurant in The Hudson Valley?

The inspiring story of Carlos Morales can be found on the Carlos Cucina website explaining his arrival in the United States in the 1990’s with a dream and a passion.

Carlos and his brothers were excited to purchase their first pizzeria and did so. It wasn’t until 2003, that Carlos came to Orange County, NY with his brother where he was in charge of restaurants for years.

Years later, Carlos was able to create his own restaurant which was purchased in 2017, Carlos’ Cucina Italian reflecting his own efforts and dreams into his business.

Carlo’s story is inspiring and is an example of how anything is possible. Supporting local business makes a difference in so many ways.

After speaking with Carlos' Cucina Italian Pizzeria & Bar, they shared that they had such success with their business in Middletown, NY that they felt as if they were ready to expand to a second location. As the opportunity in Goshen, NY opened for Carlos' Cucina Italian Pizzeria & Bar, they were ready to start on a new adventure and into a larger location.

Carlos' Cucina Italiana Pizzeria & Bar

84 Clowes Ave. Goshen Plaza

Will you visit the second location of this small business in Goshen, NY? Where is your favorite Italian restaurant in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.

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