More than ever, we are turning to wellness, holistic and cleaner options for ourselves and those that we care about.

Thankfully, social media has allowed us to learn more about the food we eat, the ingredients in products that we use and how to maintain a calm, less stressful and happier lifestyle.

Wellness classes have also become popular within the Hudson Valley. This can consist of nutrition, reiki, yoga, meditation, barre, support groups and more.

The more that we can work on ourselves and improve, the better we can become as a collective to help make the world a happier and better place to be.

When Was The Last Time That You Were Participated In A Wellness Class?


Personally, I have learned alot from the classes and one on one sessions that I have joined in the Hudson Valley. Some of these teachings help guests learn how to live a more balanced and calmer life while incorporating methods to decrease stress and increase happiness.

I participated in different classes throughout the Hudson Valley. At first, I didn't know what I was getting myself into but then I was glad I went and continued to go back for more.

Wellness Through Wisdom and Barre Fitness is located in Poughkeepsie, NY.

It is owned by Jessica D'Arcy. Along with teaching Barre, Jessica offers a variety of wellness options such as clinical hypnotherapy, past life regression, clairvoyant energy clearings, spiritual tarot readings, spiritual coaching, spiritual training and holistic health. Her extensive background in being a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and more has allowed the Hudson Valley to learn multiple ways to expand their own wellness.

Outer Limits Qigong is located throughout New York and New Jersey. Outer Limits Qigong is owned by Tim Arculli who takes pride in assisting his clients feel better and take home tools that they learned that can help them continue to heal on their own.

Tim has numerous certifications such as Spring Forest Qigong under Master Gadu. He also has 2 Reiki Master certifications and trained with Sifu Legg. His travels to Hong Kong to train with Sifu Nima King and Master Lok have also advanced his skills. His skills in internal energy arts allow him to share his passion with the world. Tim's passion and knowledge in multiple fields allows him to address concerns of his clients and those interested.

The Hudson Valley is filled with wellness classes and holistic options to assist residents.

The Hudson Valley Welcomes Back A Popular Wellness Business

Canva, Soul Tribe, Amanda Cuney-López, Facebook
Canva, Soul Tribe, Amanda Cuney-López, Facebook

The announcement was made on social media. Those in the New Paltz Facebook group were able to learn about this popular business and when they will make their comeback.

With over 340 likes and 80 comments on this exciting post, it appears that the Hudson Valley is looking forward to the return of this wellness business.

A New Paltz, NY native is the owner of this Hudson Valley business and like almost all businesses, was faced with difficulties during the COVID 19 Pandemic. However, the great news was shared on social media of when they will be reopening.

Soul Tribe Will Re Open In Ulster County, NY

Canva, Soul Tribe, Amanda Cuney-López, Facebook
Canva, Soul Tribe, Amanda Cuney-López, Facebook

Do you have a soul tribe? Whether you do or don't, it's quite possible that you may find them at this Hudson Valley business. I was instantly intrigued by Soul Tribe when I saw the pictures and wellness options available.

Soul Tribe is owned by Amanda Lopez. Lopez shared that she,

"created a space where woman can feel celebrated wherever they are in their health & wellness journey. Focusing on community, confidence building and finding ways to enjoy moving your body. "

Soul Tribe will provide guests with options to participate in Yoga, Barre, Buti Yoga, Hiit workouts and more.

When Will Soul Tribe Re Open In New Paltz, NY?

Lopez, owner of Soul Tribe shared the exciting news of her business reopening and what guests can expect.

"Hello New Paltz! I have exciting news I wanted to officially share with all of you. I am a New Paltz native and the owner of Soul Tribe, a movement studio that focuses on community and confidence building. I opened my doors in the Cherry Hill Plaza in 2019 and after 2 amazing years had to close due to Covid.  I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am re-opening the doors in September."


"The universe aligned and I was able to get my same space back again. Soul Tribe has a variety of movement classes including Barre, Yoga, Buti Yoga, Bands & Sculpt, Hiit style classes with the new addition of adult and children's ballet, Tabata, kickboxing, mommy and me movement and music classes, and much more. The goal is to create a space with a variety of movement options so everyone can find a class that works for their body and fitness level and make movement fun and enjoyable."


"Previous Soul Tribe members know that I put a lot of love into my clients and our space. My passion in life is to help people feel the best they can in their skin and to create a welcoming environment so that no matter where you are in your health journey you know you have a mat and a friend at Soul Tribe."

Soul Tribe is looking forward to seeing guests in Sept of 2023.

Soul Tribe Is Hosting A Grand Opening Event In The Hudson Valley

On social media, Soul Tribe shared information about their Grand Opening party in September 2023.

"The Grand Opening party will be held on Friday, September 8th with classes beginning Saturday, September 9th! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. If you would like to be added to the mailing list so you can receive updates on when the Soul Tribe app is launched and pre sale memberships are available please message me your email! 


I look forward to meeting, sweating and hugging all of you soon! 

Love & Light,


Soul Tribe 

246 Main Street Suite 11A"


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Is The Hudson Valley Excited For This Popular Business To Reopen?

Canva, Soul Tribe, Amanda Cuney-López, Facebook
Canva, Soul Tribe, Amanda Cuney-López, Facebook

Soul Tribe made the announcement of its business reopening on social media. This took place on Facebook in the New Paltz group. Hudson Valley residents quickly shared their opinion.

"Congratulations! So happy for you ❤️"


"I’m super excited!!'


"I can’t wait to get back into classes with you! ❤️"


"Very excited, would love to be added to the mailing list."


"This news is fabulous and you are the best at it!!


Enjoy your goal in helping people great!!! 👏🏆"


"Wowow I just moved here and I am SO excited for this!


Congratulations, I’ll definitely be there!!!"

Soul Tribe was showered with uplifting and positive comments about their reopening announcement. Let's continue to show our support for small businesses, we help them grow, they assist us and together, we're a part of the community to make the world a better place.

Do you have a favorite wellness business in the Hudson Valley? Tell us more below.

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Adams Fairacre Farms had samples available for guests to try things along with a cash bar. Guests were also able to go grocery shopping, explore the nursery and chat with employees of Adams Fairacre Farms.

Moving forward, Adams Fairacre Farms has great giveaways. From June 16, 2023- June 29, 2023 guests can participate by signing up to win. There are $2.11 specials to celebrate Adams' newest location in the Town of Wallkill, NY.

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