As we all know, winter is a time of hibernation and renewal. It allows us to rest and restore during the cooler months. Many of us feel as if we can slow down and be still in the Winter.

Some of us may be enjoying the season as we sip on our favorite warm beverage, curl up with a warm blanket and favorite book or participate in outdoor, winter activities.

As some are resting, others are thinking ahead and working behind the scenes to make things happen for the upcoming, warmer seasons. 

One Of The Most Popular Hudson Valley Treat Shops Is Expanding This Winter

Midnight Ferry
Midnight Ferry

Sweets anyone? No one can deny goodies from a local treat shop. I admit this may be one of my weaknesses. 

The Hudson Valley can look forward to changes being made for the spring season.

This Treat Shop Is Known As "Newburgh Waterfront's Fantastical Ice Cream Shop"

Midnight Ferry is located on Front Street in Newburgh, NY. They are located on the historic Newburgh Waterfront.

How Did This Popular Treat Shop Get Its Unique Name?




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Midnight Ferry has explained how they got their one-of-a-kind name. With all of my history of the Hudson Valley, I have never heard this story. According to Midnight Ferry, They explained that the idea behind this name came from a story. They explained it as the Newburgh Beacon ferry got stuck on ice as it was traveling across the Hudson River.

Even though those who were on the ferry weren't able to go anywhere, they made the best of it. As the story is told, they enjoyed each other's company along with food, together on the ferry until they were able to be rescued.

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They also describe it as, 

"a fantastical treat shop bringing that laughter and joy back to the historic Newburgh waterfront. "

At Midnight Ferry, ice cream, gelato, sorbet and more, dessert options are served.

Midnight Ferry Made An Announcement On Social Media




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A post shared by Midnight Ferry (@midnightferry)

Midnight Ferry announced that they will be making changes to their location. 

They made the following announcement on their Instagram page,

"While it’s a little chilly, we’re going to be using the time to expand from our cute little window into a cute little dessert bar! We will have a small amount of indoor seating with extended patio seating for those beautiful spring/summer/fall days."

Midnight Ferry also explained that they will be putting their time and energy into this new project for the warmer days. They will not have their Friday window service and pick-ups for pints.

Midnight Ferry shared that they are excited to open a dessert bar on the bar side of the building.
They're building a 400 square foot deck which will overlook the beautiful Hudson River. Soon enough, they'll have a separate menu and table service available.

This brand new experience is coming to the Newburgh Waterfront just in time for the warmer months. Friends, families and couples can enjoy their time at Midnight Ferry with a snack, dessert and even a cocktail.

However, if guests are looking for some cookies, cakes or ice cream at an event, be sure to contact Midnight Ferry.

Hudson Valley Residents Have A lot To Look Forward To This Spring

As we take time to recharge and hibernate this winter, we can get excited about what will come as of the spring season. In the Hudson Valley,

Businesses reopen along with hiking trails, nature exhibits, marinas for water activities and so much more. Outdoor live music, festivals and concerts bring life back into the Hudson Valley. Spring is only 74 days away!

Year-round ice cream is available in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley has some of the strangest ice cream flavors that were ever created.

Where's your favorite ice cream shop in the Hudson Valley? Let us know below.

Midnight Ferry

12 Front St, Newburgh, NY 12550

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