Outdoor dining options opened in early Spring within the Hudson Valley. Residents and visitors are able to enjoy their outdoor dining experiences with fresh air, beautiful views and outdoor space.

Great food, drinks and views make restaurant experiences even more enjoyable. Foodies don't have to go far to dine at the highest point in Sullivan County, NY with breathtaking views.

Where Is The Highest Point In Sullivan County, NY?

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The highest point in Sullivan County, NY is Beech Mountain. New York State explained that Beech Mountain is located near a nearby waterway called Hodge Pond. Catskill Mountaineer also shared helpful information about this hidden gem within the Hudson Valley.

Catskill Mountaineer mentioned that views of Beech Mountain can be found in Willowemoc Wild Forest and guests can park in the Frick Pond Parking Area. 

They shared some helpful tips about getting to Beech Mountain in Sullivan County, NY as hikers should grab a picture of a map to get to Beech Mountain since there are multiple trails within an area.

Those who are interested in seeing Catskill Mountaineer's step by step information on how to access Beech Mountain can find additional information on their website.

Although there aren't any dining options at the highest point in Sullivan County's natural preserve area, there are breathtaking views also within the same county.

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Dine At The Highest Point In Sullivan County, NY With Breathtaking Views

Roscoe Mountain Club is a golf course and country club located in Roscoe, NY. This Sullivan County, NY business is also known as being the

"highest point in Sullivan County you’re treated to some of the most breathtaking panoramic views and sunsets that you just can’t see anywhere else. "

The Roscoe Mountain Club shared these views are available on site at The 1907 with dining options and a full bar. They are open Wednesday through Sunday with their executive chef, Oscar Vargas.

Guests can enjoy their french toast for breakfast, buffalo chicken wrap for lunch, goat cheese salad for dinner and more food options from different menus.

Their breakfast, lunch and dinner options and hours can be found on their website. Reservations are recommended to dine at the 1907 and can be made by email, reservations@roscoemountainclub.com

Have You Been To Sullivan County, NY's Oldest Golf Course?

The oldest golf course in Sullivan County, NY is The Roscoe Mountain Club.

On Facebook, The Roscoe Mountain Club states that they are "Sullivan County's Oldest Golf Course". 

They also have 1,000 acres with over 23 rooms located in their retreat which is open year round in the Hudson Valley. Guests can soak up the Catskill Mountains while enjoying this country club.

Have you been to Beech Mountain or Roscoe Mountain Club? Would you visit any of these locations? Tell us more below.

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Thankfully, we have a large selection of local ice cream shops to visit in the Hudson Valley.

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