The Hudson Valley continues to expand. Ulster County, NY has experienced a lot of positive changes over the past couple of months.

The former Baker's Tale location is undergoing construction as this popular business switched to online only. Local residents wonder what will take over the building next.

A new specialty grocery store opened in Kingston, NY. Visitors can explore the Guinness World Record Holder in Saugerties, NY.

Also, an Ulster County, NY hotel was highlighted in the historic national list.

Ulster County, NY is filled with unique, historical sites, outdoor experiences, arts and culture activities and more.

An Antique And Vintage Store Has Opened In Ulster County, NY

A new business has opened in Ulster County, NY. They sell records, books, handmade and unique items and more.

Vintage clothing and unique goods can also be found at this new Kingston, NY business. This historical site was once the home to different, local businesses in the same space.

This New Business Was Once A Former Kingston, NY Bowling Alley And More

Red Owl Collective's space was once a former bowling alley which was turned into a warehouse. This new business was also a blinds and curtain store called Wonderly's.

Local residents can recall the former bowling alley and blinds and curtain store when given the address of Red Owl Collective's location.

Today, antique dealers, design enthusiasts and vintage collectors can come together  under one roof to chat, connect and enjoy similar interests.

Red Owl Collective Has Over 40+ Vendor Spaces Under The Same Roof

Recently opened, Red Owl Collective has brought together the community in one space. Red Owl Collective has over 40+ vendor spaces under the same roof in Kingston, NY.

A list of vendors who are included at Red Owl Collective can be found on their website.

Local vendors such as Big East Trading, Coral Space, Day Dreamers, Every Yaki, Freestyle Restyle and more are at Red Owl Collective in Kingston, NY.

Red Owl Collective can be described as 

"a 10,000 square foot antique, vintage and design store located in Kingston’s midtown arts district."

Red Owl Collective is open Thursday through Monday from 11am until 6pm.

Red Owl Collective Is Selling Something New

Red Owl Collective is now selling merchandise. Those who are interested can stop in during business hours to see their new goodies and explore the 10,000 square foot space located in Ulster County, NY.

Red Owl Collective

25 Cornell Street Kingston, New York

Take a Tour of Sullivan County, NY's Newest Underground Salt Cave

Crystal Connection is a 1890's antique, Methodist church located in Sullivan County, NY. This is a crystal lover's dream come true.

It's known for being 

"One of the largest Crystal & Mineral destinations on the Northeast." 

While this may be a place that some people gather often, others can refer to it as a hidden gem in the Hudson Valley.  Crystal Connection can also be described as 

"a sacred space & crystal haven"

I have never experienced anything similar to Crystal Connection before. The amount of crystals, crystal jewelry, singing bowls, sage and more are fascinating. Crystal Connection also hosts different events and fairs throughout the year.

Take a tour through Crystal Connection's newest underground salt cave experience.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, Crystal Connection, YouTube

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Put your car on cruise control as you explore these giant roadside attractions.

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