At times, locally owned businesses in the Hudson Valley don't get enough recognition as they should. They not only bring business and excitement to our favorite areas but also authentic, homemade food options created with love.

Each county in the Hudson Valley is growing quickly. Over the past couple of years, there have been more people that have moved to the Hudson Valley than ever. We have watched homes get sold, properties taken over for development and an increase in cars on the roads.

We can all agree on one thing, living in the Hudson Valley can feel as if it is a dream. The 4 seasons, the outdoor and indoor activities, the scenery and historical sites allow residents to never feel bored. With neighboring towns and a short drive to New York City, it's understandable why more people want to live in the Hudson Valley.

However, with an increase in pricing, some Hudson Valley businesses retired, sold their company or even switched to another path. This makes us grateful for the locally owned businesses that are still afloat and can continue to feed us daily.

New Businesses Have Opened Their Doors In The Hudson Valley


In Sullivan County, residents won't go thirsty with a new wine and spirits shop. In Ulster County, a new Instagram-worthy wine bar is now serving guests in uptown Kingston. In Dutchess County, a groovy tie dye shop opened for good vibe customers. A healthy, nationwide chain business is also set to open their doors in the Hudson Valley as well.

A Fan Favorite Hudson Valley Staple Business Is Celebrating 15 Years

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

As we have watched some of our favorite local Hudson Valley businesses open and close their doors, we are thankful for the ones that we still get to be a part of.

I love connecting with local business owners and supporting them during their journey. They bring a lot to the community and it's essential for them to know that they are supported.

From local boutiques to eateries, wineries and organizations that help animals, they all serve a great purpose in our communities.

Hudson Valley residents were happy to celebrate a fan favorite business's 15 year anniversary by supporting them.

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RoccoRoma Food Products Is Located In Orange County, NY

RoccoRoma Food Products, Facebook
RoccoRoma Food Products, Facebook

RoccoRoma Food Products celebrated their 15 year anniversary. Known for being a "Specialty Food Market located in the Hudson Valley", they have a large following on their Facebook page and in person.

RoccoRoma Food Products offering a large selection of homemade, authentic and mouthwatering food options. They share their specials along with pictures on Facebook to highlight what they made special for that day.

"-Chicken Parm


-Meatloaf in Gravy


-Sausage & Peppers


-Penne Vodka


-Grilled Chicken"

RoccoRoma Food Products Shared A Heartfelt Message About Their 15th Anniversary

RoccoRoma Food Products, Facebook
RoccoRoma Food Products, Facebook

RoccoRoma even had a heartfelt message to share with the community on their special day. This was done on the Goshen, NY Facebook page.

"We started Roccoroma Goshen in 2003 in a tiny office on New Street. We sold wholesale to Italian Restaurants and Pizzerias from a warehouse in Long Island.


In 2008 we opened a small warehouse and retail store selling Italian groceries which eventually gave way to a Delicatessen and some prepared foods.


Mamma stopped in one day and she never left. She started cooking on hot plates then a small kitchen. Eventually we expanded the retail store and kitchen. We moved the wholesale to another location and the rest is history.


After 15 years through all the ups and downs we have never stopped supplying all of you with the best. Its an Honor to be part of your celebrations, life events and daily meals. 

Happy 15th Anniversary and Thank you all"


What Do Hudson Valley Residents Think About RoccoRoma Food Products?

RoccoRoma Food Producs
RoccoRoma Food Producs

Rocco Roma Food Products shared their post to Goshen, NY's Facebook group. Local residents were excited to congratulate them on their continued success.

"Happy Anniversary and thank you!!!"


"Happy anniversary! We’re so lucky to have you"


"Thank you everyone at Roccorama; especially Mamma! ❤️"


"Happy Anniversary! We had them cater our wedding 8 years ago, they don't disappoint! & What a place to stop into. Here's to 15 more years"


"Happy Anniversary and thank you for enriching our town with your fabulous selection!! You were the ones that had what we needed during Covid

I will never forget ❤️"


"Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all you did during Covid to supply fresh fruits and veggies in your store along with all your other wonderful food!"


"Great People,Great Food"


Rocco Roma Food Products

99 Railroad Ave, Goshen, NY, United States, New York

What local business is your favorite to support in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.

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