McDonald's is one of the largest fast food chains. They're known for their french fries, hamburgers and popular sandwiches for every meal at affordable prices.

Growing up, McDonald's was a fun hangout spot. McDonald's Happy Meals were a delight to my weekly visit there along with their warm french fries.

I remember being excited to eat my dinner at McDonald's in their character and hamburger chairs. After dinner, I had fun going down their slides and playing in the ball area in their play center.

Do You Remember These McDonald's Discontinued Menu Items?

Without a thought, most people can remember their favorite McDonald's menu item from the past. Personally, I loved McDonald's Chicken Selects and Mozzarella Dippers. 

One of my favorite McDonald's menu items was the Snack Wrap. On McDonald's website, the snack wrap can be described as

"Made with 100% Canadian raised seasoned chicken topped with shredded lettuce, shredded cheese and ranch sauce wrapped in a soft white flour tortilla."

I recall purchasing a Snack Wrap for less than $2.00.

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Why Did McDonald's Discontinue The Beloved Snack Wrap Menu Item?


I remember when McDonald's discontinued the beloved Snack Wrap. At the time, I drove to different locations to get this famous wrap until they were sold out.

There were many speculations as to why McDonald's would take away their popular wrap.

ABC27 News shared,

"The portable menu item debuted in 2006 and was discontinued in 2016 after many complained that the food item was too complicated to make and didn’t perform as well as the company had hoped, Business Insider reported."

However, claimed that McDonald's discontinued the Snack Wrap

"due to lack of demand."

Social media users have been confused as to why McDonald's discontinued the Snack Wrap when everyone claims it was popular.

Is The McDonald's Snack Wrap Returning To New York?

Canva, Facebook, McDonald's
Canva, Facebook, McDonald's
loading... shared information about the possible return of McDonald's discontinued menu item, the Snack Wrap.

"McDonald’s said during its investor day on Dec. 6 that it plans to expand the footprint of the McCrispy, its “Southern-style fried chicken sandwich” with pickles served on a buttered potato roll, by offering it around the world by the end of 2025."


"In tandem with this plan, it hopes to eventually expand the McCrispy into wraps and tenders."

This is exciting news for those who were upset when the Snack Wrap was taken off of McDonald's menu. Foodies can rejoice when McDonald's McCrispy is offered as a wrap, a memory of their beloved wrap from the past. also shared information from McDonald's USA president, Joe Erlinger. He stated that McDonald's is still in the "early days" of building the McCrispy.

"Will we eventually have a crispy tender? Yes. And will that allow us to eventually have a McCrispy Snack Wrap? Yes. But we’re still in the early days of doing that.”


What Do Facebook Users Think About McDonald's Snack Wraps?

There are different Facebook groups of users that are in petition for McDonald's to bring back the Snack Wrap. One group has over 600 Facebook users in it.

Facebook users shared their thoughts in the comment section on social media in regards to bringing back their favorite discontinued items from the menu. 

"Bring back snack wraps!"


"Update the chicken wraps 😮‍💨😭"


"First y’all take the snack wraps now y’all wanna take the soda machines"


"Bring back premium wraps and snack wraps!"


"How about update bringing snackwraps and mcwarps back."


"In before all the snack wrap comments. 🙄🙄"


"Cool profile pic bro. Bring back the snack wraps. Y’all really letting burger king take it. Wild."


"Still no snack wraps I see....I think you don't care what we want'


"Where the snack wraps"

Thousands of comments on McDonald's Facebook account entail Facebook users and their concern about this popular, discontinued menu item. 

What menu item from McDonald's do you think that they should bring back? What do you think about their Snack Wrap? Share with us below.

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