The Hudson Valley is filled with quaint and unique hamlets, villages, and towns. Each county offers a variety of places to eat, shopping to experience, and outdoor excursions to embark on.

Beacon, NY has always been a popular spot and it's gaining even more popularity as the Hudson Valley expands. Beacon, NY has often been referred to as a Mini Manhattan.

The Towne Crier Cafe In Beacon, NY has brought in Hollywood stars such as Alison Krauss, John Stewart, Richie Havens, and more. Locally owned shops and boutiques also line up Beacon, NY's Main Street. 

Another popular business that has gained a lot of attention in the area is the Hudson Valley Food Hall.

What Is Currently Open At Hudson Valley Food Hall In Beacon, NY?

Hudson Valley Food Hall is located on Main Street in Beacon, NY.

This space brings,

"a variety of cuisines from all over the world. "

Under one roof, guests can give their taste buds a treat with different food options.

According to the Hudson Valley Food Hall, they currently have Miz Hattie's Southern BBQ, El Nica Nicaraguan/Latin and Dulce Cielo MX  inside of the Hudson Valley Food Hall.

Tara Fusion Cuisine and The Roosevelt Bar are also located at Hudson Valley Food Hall.

Beacon, NY's Hudson Valley Food Hall To Welcome 2 New Eateries

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

Hudson Valley Food Hall will soon welcome two new eateries into their space. Alongside BBQ, mexican food and more, foodies can get excited for their sweet tooth and some classic British delights.

According to Hudson Valley Food Hall, Five Pennies Creamery will open at Hudson Valley Food Hall.

Additional information about a new business was posted on Instagram. Moreish announced that they will open in Beacon, NY at the Hudson Valley Food Hall.

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Moreish Will Open In Hudson Valley Food Hall In Beacon, NY

Canva, Instagram, Moreish
Canva, Instagram, Moreish

On Instagram, Moreish shared exciting information about their new adventure in Beacon, NY.

"Introducing ‘Moreish’, a British food concept helmed by English expat and chef, @chefmichaeljohnson"

Moreish explained that their mission is to bring not only comforting but also classic British food to the Hudson Valley area. Guests can plan to experience their snacks, dishes, and more.

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Moreish stated that they plan to open at Hudson Valley Food Hall in early March of 2024.

Five Pennies Creamery Will Open In Hudson Valley Food Hall In Beacon, NY

On Instagram and the Hudson Valley Food Hall's website, the news was shared about Five Pennies Creamery joining the space in Beacon, NY.

Five Pennies Creamery takes pride in having homemade New York ice cream options. They explained that their brand represents,

"Low in pretension & corporate gimmicks but high in quality & rich in love."

Five Pennies Creamery explained that this business is named after The Five Pennies movie. For more than a decade, this creamery served the Rockville Centre area in NY. 

Five Pennies Creamery closed their doors in December 2022. However, they are about to embark on a new journey in Beacon, NY and will be reopening in the Hudson Valley Food Hall in Spring 2024.

Additional information about these businesses opening in the Hudson Valley can be found on their social media platforms and websites.

Which business will you visit when they open? Share more with us below

Hudson Valley Food Hall

288 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508

Here Are The 8 Best Things About Stewart's Shops According To The Hudson Valley

Everyone has a place that they enjoy visiting which makes them feel comfortable and like home. To me, Stewart's Shops has always brought those good feelings and excitement to visit. 

A poll was taken on WRRV's Facebook asking,
"What’s the #1 reason why you love Stewart’s? "

With over 40 comments on social media, Facebook users and Hudson Valley residents were eager to share their love for local Stewart's Shops.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, Facebook, Stewart's Shops

Eat Your Way Through The Hudson Valley With The Best Ice Cream

I have always enjoyed stopping by my favorite local ice cream shops and choosing a new flavor. Whether it's a hot fudge sundae, chocolate peanut butter ice cream in a cone, or an ice cream sandwich, count me in.

The Hudson Valley has strange ice cream flavors. From lemon poppyseed to thai iced tea and barn boots, there aren't any boring flavors in our area.

A 'Premiere' Hudson Valley treat shop was expanding their space during the winter months to prepare for a busy summer season.

Thankfully, we have a large selection of local ice cream shops to visit in the Hudson Valley.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

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