Any chance you have spent a few minutes looking at the marketplace websites, checking things out to see what people are selling? I have often done this when I have a few minutes. Am I looking for anything in particular? Not necessarily.

I have also taken advantage of the popularity of these sites to sell some things, it has really helped to clean out the basement (and get a few dollars to use on the electric bill).  If you saw something that you considered to be rare or expensive, would you buy it on these marketplaces?

Would you buy a sports car on Facebook Marketplace?

Photo by Michael Satterfield on Unsplash
Photo by Michael Satterfield on Unsplash

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the listing. I am still thinking that this has got to be a hoax. A Mclaren for sale on marketplace? This is a car that new goes for a starting price of $250,000. I was still skeptical, until I was talking with a friend who told me he bought a Ferrari that he saw on marketplace. 

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So how was the sports car listed? What was the selling points on Facebook Marketplace?

facebook marketplace
facebook marketplace

According to the listing this awesome car has about 3000 miles on it, is a 2016 and

Clean title
Tastefully modded
Carbon Fiber Hood
Ceramic Coated Abyss Black Wrap
Frequency Intelligence Exhaust Down Pipe/Tune
TOYO 888 On all 4 corners

Yes, there are a few pictures of the car, in fact the picture just above is allegedly the actual car. So, I ask you. Would you ever buy something this expensive on an online marketplace?

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