So you have found a huge stash of VHS (and maybe Beta Max?) tapes in the basement, what can you do with them? After seeing people on Instagram and TikTok talking about how much they just sold their old VCR tapes on eBay or another online sales shop, I started to wonder, who wants these tapes?

When it does come to the "who wants these tapes" question, it really depends on the actual tape and its condition. Do you have an original Shrek Movie from 2001? How much did it sell for on eBay recently? Well, depending on where you live, the amount was a significant down payment on a home.

Which VHS tape recently sold for $100000?

Wow, don't you wish that you had one of those in the attic or in the basement? Don't think you have that tape, but have a bunch of other unlabeled video's that you want to get rid of or do something with, keep scrolling.  

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How about the second most expensive VHS tape? Got that one?

If you are a Beauty & The Beast fan and have one of these tapes, you might want to get it out and get it listed. While this one was the highest sale price for the last few months, other listings for the same exact VHS tape sold for anywhere from $6900 to $15999 on eBay.

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What else can you do with your old tapes, other than try to sell them? Here's a few suggestions.


5 Ways To Use Your Old VCR Tapes

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