Have you recently heard about an issue with the iPhone 12? Is there a recall? How about a report that says the iPhone 12 is making people sick? What is really happening, and how does this affect current iPhone 12 users? Could this just be a ploy to get people to buy the newest version of the iPhone, the 15?

Let's take a deeper dive. In the not so distant past, the iPhone 12 has had reported issues of not having great sound quality, which were a result of a speaker issue, but what are the reports now about? Something about radiation? Get out! Hold the phone, or wait, maybe you shouldn't hold the actual phone, just yet? Let's break the new info down into the good news and the not so good news.

First the good news about the iPhone 12? These two versions are not affected!

Apple's New iPhone 15 Goes On Sale
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The iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro are not supposedly involved in this most recent controversy with the 'radiation.' What does it mean radiation as related to a cell phone? Does this mean if you keep it in your pocket you are going to start glowing in the dark? 

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What is wrong with the iPhone 12 and what is this radiation?

Apple Releases iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro
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First, are New York iPhones involved in this? No, not yet. The radiation part which apparently the iPhone 12 has tested high for emitting is directly related to people having the items in their pockets or in their hands. Specifically it is electromagnetic radiation and the levels are just slightly higher in the regular iPhone 12 then the testers wanted it to be. The testers in France. Is this a different iPhone 12 than the ones sold in the United States? They are not necessarily the same. Should you replace the phone with the newer model? Is this just really a ploy by Apple to get you to purchase a new phone the iPhone 15?

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