The recent release of the new "Barbie Movie" has reminded the young one in us of our days playing with our own Barbie's (or Barbie knock-off) and of dreaming that we could be anything we wanted to be when we grew up. For most of us, those dreams included being successful at 'something,' that keeps the money flowing and the adult version of us always being able to do anything we wanted to.

So, I got to thinking, where in the Hudson Valley can we be Barbie? Or get our Barbie on? Granted Barbie is not a verb, but a state of mind. Keep reading as we take a trip together throughout the Hudson Valley to places that Barbie might also check out. Feel free to email us and let us know if we got it completely wrong or if we need to add a few places to the list.

Where Could We Get Our Barbie on in the Hudson Valley?

2004 Toy Fair In New York CIty
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Obviously, we need to start at the car dealership and make sure we have the Barbie Jeep, the Barbie Corvette and the Barbie Motorhome. Those three stops alone will have us traveling from Kingston to Beacon, NY. We've now got our wheels? What next? Is there Astronaut training available in the Hudson Valley?

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Lets get our Barbie on, fashionista style, but where?

Celebrities Attend "Barbie" Celebration Party
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Barbie is always up for some serious self-pampering, so let's get our make-over done! Pamper ourselves with getting a mani-pedi, then a hair wash and style, plus a new outfit! Since we are Barbie, this should (all total) only take about an hour and a half, right?

Then we need to grab our Besties' and head to a place for lunch and cocktails, or if its Sunday let's find a fabulous restaurant to have Brunch and Prosecco at? You in? Let's remember our "Barbie Can-Do Attitude" and go have a great time!

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