It is that wonderful time of the year, where people gather for the holidays and decorate their homes and businesses. For most, those decorations also include a tree. That's great. Decorating Christmas Trees is a tradition dating back hundreds of years.

Where do you get your tree? The Christmas tree lot on the corner? The lot that is in front of your favorite grocery store? Or do you travel to the same Christmas Tree Farm each year to cut down your own tree?

Who can cut a Christmas Tree down in New York State?


Technically, if you are on a tree farm, it is up to the tree farm (and their insurance) as to who can cut a tree down. But think about it, cutting down a tree is not an easy task, it is pretty physical.

Where can you cut a tree down in New York State?


When it comes to Christmas Trees, there are laws that state where you can legally cut down a tree. The law is NYS RPA 861, it basically says if you (knowingly or unknowingly) cut down a tree and it is on New York State land or another person's property (without their permission) than you are committing a crime.

What is the penalty to cut down a tree illegally?

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Depending on where the tree was originally located, you can get a ticket and a fine that starts at $250.

Can someone really get a ticket for cutting down a Christmas Tree in New York State?

Yes, there was a person who walked onto a piece of New York State land, with their saw, cut down a tree ala Clark Griswald, dragged the tree back to their truck, when they were stopped by members of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The person was 'educated in the legalities of illegal tree cutting and issued a ticket to appear.

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