Do you live in the first capital of New York State? Kingston, New York was the First State Capital of New York in 1777.

If you live in Kingston, NY, or in Ulster County, NY there are many things that you probably don't think to stop and do. Maybe there are trips or sightseeing that you do when you have friends in town, but with the rich heritage or history and art in Kingston, why don't we stop and enjoy it?

Here are a few things that are super popular to do in Kingston New York, unless you live there. Disagree? Feel free to share all of the cool things that people do every day.

What are things that people who live in Kingston, NY don't actually do in Kingston, NY?


With the rich history of art and music, it is only natural that the O+ Festival calls Kinston NY home. Maybe you have even attended a performance to support the artists. Did you know that every O+ Festival, there are many mural artists who compete to be able to paint the large building-sized murals on the sides of businesses in Kingston? Have you ever taken the time to go and see any of these murals? Or take in a performance at UPAC (Ulster Performing Arts Center)?

What could history buffs do in Kingston NY?

google maps street view
google maps street view

If you are a history buff (or enthusiast) you could take one of the awesome walking tours with the Friends of Historic Kingston of the 1658 Stockade National Historic District. Plus there are a few places along the way to grab a tasty pint or a hot cup of coffee. There is also a great museum down by the Rondout, the Hudson River Maritime Museum. Here you will find out how the location of Kingston and its access to waterways that kept this town busy. 

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Another museum that you might want to investigate is the Trolley Museum of New York. You will find it at T.R. Gallo Park on Broadway and stops at Kingston Point Beach. Come on, everyone loves trolleys!

For kids and adults of all ages in Kingston NY

When was the last time you took a ride on the Catskill Mountain Railroad? If you have kids, you might do this, don't have kids? Do it anyway. They also have specially themed trips throughout the year, including one with Santa and one to visit the pumpkin patch.

Not your speed? How about taking a sightseeing trip on board the Rip Van Winkle?  There are (depending on the time of year) sightseeing trips, with live music and themes.

For the athlete in Kingston New York

You can walk across the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge. If you are on foot, walking or running, you will have to stick to the path on the South side of the bridge. If you are riding a bike you will be on the part of the span with vehicles.

So what do you have to say/ When was the last time you (who lives in Kingston NY) did any of the above?



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