Social media keeps people connected from all over the world.

Facebook users can connect, share and invite others to join their journey. This platform keeps friends, family and other people in your life informed on what you post.

Hudson Valley businesses use this platform to promote their establishment and invite new customers to visit. Departments and cities within the Hudson Valley have also joined the digital world to keep their residents in the loop of what's happening in the surrounding area.

Recently, a Hudson Valley city made a change to their features on Facebook.

Did You Know? This Hudson Valley City Disabled A Major Facebook Feature

I have gathered a lot of important information from this city's Facebook account.

Information about construction with a local bridge, a new park opening and temporarily free parking are some of the several posts that educated myself on local news.

Recently, I saw a post on this city's Facebook account about them disabling a major feature. I have noticed that they did receive a lot of comments on their recent Facebook posts.

The City Of Kingston Disables The Comments Feature On Facebook

The following post was made by the City of Kingston on Facebook.

"With the new year, the City of Kingston has updated our Facebook policy. The City of Kingston’s Facebook page will be joining the Kingston Police Department in turning off the comments section on future posts. 


The purpose of the City of Kingston’s social media posts are to inform the public of pertinent information. If you have a question, we have many available ways to connect to City staff. You can call 311 from within City limits, or use the Kingston 311 app or website to enter service requests"


"You can call City Hall at 845-331-0080 and your question will be directed to the appropriate department. Questions can also be emailed to More opportunities to connect are available at"


City of Kingston Facebook posts will remain shareable. We wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year!"

Not only has the City of Kingston disabled the comments feature on Facebook but the Kingston Police Department has done the same. The City of Kingston has over 13,000 likes and 15,000 followers.

What Can Facebook Users See On The City Of Kingston's Facebook Page Now?


Those who choose to follow the City of Kingston on Facebook, cannot comment on their posts anymore.

However, Facebook users can share their reaction such as liking a post and users can also share the City of Kingston's Facebook posts. They can also click on the arrow to the right of the post to see who has shared the City of Kingston's posts and what they said about it as well.

How Do Hudson Valley Residents Feel About The City Of Kingston Disabling Their Facebook Comments?


Facebook users, Hudson Valley residents didn't hold back on how they felt about the City of Kingston disabling their Facebook comments on posts.

The following comments are from Facebook users who shared the City of Kingston's recent post and what they had to say about this matter on their personal, social media page. The reactions and conversations about this matter became heated on social media.

"City of Kingston does not care about the people or comment would be left on"


"If the city of Kingston page is to inform city residents of pertinent information, then shouldnt we be able to address this shared on social media information on the same social media page it was given to us on? Calling City hall leads to redirecting calls over and over, in hopes you hang up. And emails go unresponded to."


"It’s a liability for the city to be publicly notified of things that need immediate attention…"


"It's 100% unconstitutional. If I were you I'd file a lawsuit. The money a city would have to pay out from a constitutional violation lawsuit like this can be substantial."


"The city is within its rights to ban all FB comments they just can’t selectively remove some because that constitutes viewpoint discrimination. In the same way a public school can choose to allow all after school clubs or none but can’t pick and choose which ones to approve."


Facebook users can continue to follow, like and share information that the City of Kingston and Kingston Police Department post on Facebook.

Have you ever disabled a major Facebook feature? Who should be able to disable features on social media? Share with us below.

How You Can Own A Former Favorite Hudson Valley Restaurant

Brother Bruno's was located on 17B in Monticello/Bethel, NY. Known for its Italian cuisine, this local business had a large menu with something for everyone to choose from. Their drink menu, holiday meal specials and signature pizza brought in foodies throughout New York state and more.

Hudson Valley residents were shocked to see a post on social media from Brother Bruno's, announcing that they closed their doors after many years.

Brother Bruno's has been permanently closed since September 2023.

The Community Was Sad To See This Family Favorite Restaurant Officially Close

Not only did Brother Bruno's officially close in Monticello/ Bethel NY, but it is now for sale. Information has been provided by Keller Williams Hudson Valley and Coldwell Banker Realty. 

Brother Bruno's located on Route 17 B in the Town of Bethel, NY is for sale. This is in the Mongaup Valley area within Sullivan County, NY. They shared, 

"High traffic location with 13,800+ cars per day, on average. 4 miles from Route 17 / Future I-86 and minutes from Bethel Woods Center for Performing Arts. 2 dining rooms to allow for ample seating and private parties or events."

"This location also boasts a full service 15+ seating bar area, outdoor seating / patio area overlooking the Mongaup River providing iconic water views. "

Outside, there is a storage building which is located behind the main building.

How Much Would It Cost To Purchase This Restaurant In Sullivan County, NY?

Keller Williams Hudson Valley and Coldwell Banker Realty shared additional information about this location.

To purchase the former Brother Bruno's in Monticello/ Bethel, NY it would cost $749,900. The taxes are $15,767 and the business type is listed as retail.

However, updates were made to the entranceway and bathrooms in 2018. The wood fired pizza oven and dining rooms were also updated in 2010.

Gallery Credit: Keller Williams Hudson Valley, Coldwell Banker Realty

8 Hidden Easter Eggs of Eggbert's Christmas Display in Orange County, NY

Eggbert is a talking Christmas egg. His home is located at Devitt's Nursery & Supply located in New Windsor, NY.

Devitts Garden Center has been in business since the 1950's. They're known more than just their famous talking egg but for being "one of the top 100 garden centers in the country."

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

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