The Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery in Kingston, New York sadly reported this week that they had been vandalized this past Saturday afternoon. (May 15, 2021) They posted the information on the cemeteries' Facebook page. The history of this Hudson Valley cemetery isn't as old as the city it resides in, the cemetery was actually founded on March 20, 1856 where as the city of Kingston can be traced back to 1654. None the less it still is quite old and has many historic headstones and monuments that are important to the region.

According to the Wiltwyck Cemeteries' Facebook page they were notified of the damages to the headstones by a visitor to the cemetery. Wiltwyck like other cemeteries offers their grounds to people who wish to have a quiet place to walk or even bicycle but they do ask that guests remember that is is a cemetery and that they should be respectful when they visit.

Apparently, this was not the case for a few individuals who came through the cemetery last weekend and felt the need to vandalize and cause damage to monuments that date back to the early 1800's according to the report shared on social media.

Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery via Facebook 5-20-2021

The good news is they were able to repair the damage that was done and apparently have also been able to solve the crime.

Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery via Facebook 5-20-2021

Wiltwyck shared a the news that the suspected vandals were caught thanks to Detective Shuman and Officer VanValkenburg of the Kingston Police Department along with some help from a Broadway business. They were able to use video footage and some items left behind to identify who they believe is responsible for the damage.

Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery via Facebook 5-20-2021

So, crime solved and I would also just like to add that it is never a good idea to vandalize anyone's property but doing something like this in a cemetery is far beyond disrespectful it is also a good way to screwup your Karma and that is all I need to say about that.

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