At first, you may hear them, then you'll see them. If you're lucky, you won't smell them.

I can always tell when certain invasive pests return to the Hudson Valley. Once you hear them flying around you, you may head in the opposite direction.

However, some bugs are tolerable such as ladybugs and butterflies. If anything they are majestic in my eyes.

Which Invasive Bugs And Pests Have Visited Us In New York State?


In June of 2022, we were warned about another invasive pest making its way around New York state.

Spotted Lanternflies are mostly black with some white spots on them. They are typically spotted from around April until July. Spotted Lanternflies will turn red while transitioning into their adult phase and those can be seen from July until any time in September.

Shockingly, this insect can jump and fly. In fact, spotted lanternflies lay their eggs just about anywhere which can then be transported to areas where they don't exist yet.

The DEC has been working with AGM, the Department of Agriculture and Markets, and USDA, the US Department of Agriculture. With efforts, they hope to address these "invasive pests."

In April of 2022, an invasive worm species was waking up for the season. Asian jumping worms are also known as "crazy worms." They have been spotted from the lower Hudson Valley in New York State up to around Canada.

It's quite possible for them to live on top of the soil for the most part. However, they have also been spotted in other states such as Texas, Louisiana, Arizona and more places.

Asian jumping worms have made it to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation of the invasive species prohibited list.

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What Invasive Bug Should You Not Squish In New York State?


Whatever you do, don't squish this invasive bug here in New York State, your hand may smell for hours.

The National Pesticide Information Center shared that there are "several kinds of stink bugs" that exist in the U.S. In 2020, they explained that a new species had arrived which is referred to as Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB).

This invasive bug has been an issue for homeowners and farmers. Have you wondered where stink bugs have come from?

The National Pesticide Information Center explained that Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs came from Asia during the 1990s and have been an issue since then.

"The adults emerge in spring and feed on plants, causing damage and spreading diseases to fruit, vegetable and other plants. Offspring produced during the summer often seek shelter as temperatures drop in the fall, causing severe infestations in homes and businesses."


How Can You Prevent Stink Bugs From Getting In Your House?


Stinkbugs look for a warm place to hibernate as the fall season starts. This may be the reason why stinkbugs are surrounding your workplace or home.

Better Homes & Garden explained,

"Unlike native stink bugs, brown marmorated stink bugs seek out protected structures like houses and garages to spend the winter, usually by the hundreds and even thousands. "


"Once one of these insects has found a warm, cozy spot to wait out the winter, it can release pheromones that attract others to join it (don't worry, you won't be able to smell that)."

They also shared that researchers at Virginia Tech realized that these invasive bugs can squeeze through gaps "as small as three to seven millimeters." 

The Farmers Almanac shared information on how to keep stink bugs from invading your space. Look around and make sure that everything is sealed up, and fill in cracks around any doors, windows, chimneys, and more. If there are damaged screens on any windows or doors, fix them!

Did you know that stink bugs "are repelled by garlic" apparently? The Farmers Almanac explained that these invasive pests wouldn't be happy if homeowners crushed garlic cloves, and put them into a dish on a windowsill and entries which would deter them from entering.

Why Shouldn't We Squish Stinkbugs, What Else Can We Do With Them?


The Farmers Almanac explained that homeowners shouldn't panic when seeing a stinkbug in their house and that they are harmless.

However, they emphasized how important it is to not crush this invasive bug. The odor that gets released from stink bugs smells horrible and is unpleasant.

There are easy suggestions that can help remove stink bugs from your home. The Farmers Almanac recommended vacuum stink bugs, however, I tried this and the smell remained inside of the vacuum. If you have a spare one, use that.

If you end up vacuuming a stink bug, be sure to empty it immediately or change out the bag. Others recommend setting traps and releasing stink bugs outside.

What New York State bug do you like the least? Do you have stink bugs in and near your house in the fall? Tell us more below.

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