Insects are important and impact all life on this earth. If it wasn't for them, our lives would be different. Did you know that insects pollinate the fruits that we enjoy? They also do the same with the vegetables that we eat and the flowers we have in our garden.

Insects pollinate not only fruits, vegetables, and flowers but we also have them to thank for the honey we enjoy and the beeswax that's in our favorite lip products. Since we rely on these crops for food, we can all agree that insects play a huge role in our lives.

However, a beautiful insect is now considered "endangered".


I love all forms of life including animals, insects, and plants. At times, we may take them for granted but more than ever we should embrace them. I enjoy life outside admiring the trees where the birds sing from, the summer sounds produced by the living insect choir, and the plants that provide us with oxygen.

Most importantly, seeing butterflies every day during the warmer months is simply a treat. However, one of our favorite butterflies is in danger.

Beloved Monarch Butterflies have been considered to be "endangered".


In recent news, scientists have stated that they consider monarch butterflies to be endangered. This population of beautiful, orange and black insects has declined.

Recently, monarch butterflies have made it to the "red list" which entails this species to be threatened. In addition, this also means that it is only two steps away from being extinct altogether.

Known for having one of the longest migrations in North America, these beautiful insects are special in so many ways.  With the change of seasons, these insects travel. Along their journey, they reproduce several times which can range from Canada to Mexico. There are also smaller groups of butterflies that spend time on the West Coast.

However, the US hasn't listed monarch butterflies under the official, Endangered Species Act. There are numerous environmental groups that believe this insect should be on the list.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has marked this insect as "endangered".

How can we help save Monarch Butterflies?


There are a few things that can be done to help save monarch butterflies. Ultimately, it's important to plant milkweed which helps young butterflies (caterpillars). Another way of helping out our insect friends is to not use pesticides instead, try using organic products in and around your garden.


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Lastly, we can do our part to help save grasslands. With the growth of housing, businesses, and developments, it's important to save what we can. If you're in need of seeing these special insects, there are butterfly gardens around the Hudson Valley.

What will you do to make a difference? Share with us below.

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