Yuck! Imagine you're at the local city court house trying to clear up a matter when hundreds of roaches are scurrying everywhere under foot? While the thought of roaches in a court house may sound funny, and could lead to a number of jokes, at least one person is now facing charges for the stunt that occurred Tuesday.

Anyone have a can of RAID nearby?


WNYT is reporting that four people were being arraigned in Albany City Court when one of the defendants began recording. The court told the person to put away the camera, however WNYT says that this lead to a confrontation with one of more of the defendants. It was around this time that hundreds of cockroaches were released from plastic containers all over the courtroom, according to officials.

It is not certain what exactly the plan was here. Could this have been some sort of prank to put up on websites like YouTube, or other social media pages? There is no word why the defendants were being arraigned, or how they got the plastic containers in the court to begin with. Was this some strange form of protest? Who knows? WNYT is reporting though that one 34-year-old defendant is now facing charges on disorderly conduct and tampering with physical evidence.

The court was closed for fumigation.


This above case sort of reminds us of this old story. If you were unfortunate enough to be on the Brooklyn-bound D train back in August 2016, you were in for quite the unpleasant surprise. The NY Daily News reports that an unidentified woman was trying to sell crickets and worms aboard the train before she let loose the swam onto the unsuspecting, horrified passengers.


So you're trying to get home from work on an already crowded train, and now you've got to deal with a bunch of flying insects buzzing around. And just for good measure, the kooky bug keeper urinated all over herself while this was all transpiring. Things got so out of hand that another passenger pulled the emergency brake while the train was on the Manhattan Bridge.

The train eventually started moving again after what must have seemed like an eternity, and arrived at DeKalb Avenue station that evening Police took the Cricket Lady into custody. She was then taken to New York Methodist Hospital for an evaluation.

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