I am always looking for super affordable airline tickets, heading to pretty much anywhere. Sound silly? When I am looking for flights to my most coveted current destination one of the airports, I will always browse the flight prices with is Albany Airport.

American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta, Southwest, and United all fly in and out of Albany airport, so you do get many chances to have fairly easy travel to most destinations in the United States with one potential flight connection. There is one airline that is adding a new flight out of Albany Airport on a daily basis. What town will this airline now bring you to?

Which airline is starting new daily flights out of Albany NY Airport?

American Airlines Credit Remains Shaky
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The airline with this new daily flight is American Airlines. They will being this new route to Dallas/Fort Worth Texas in October. Fun fact, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is the second busiest airport, by passenger count, in the United States. The Hartsdale-Jackson Airport in Atlanta Georgia is the number one busiest airport in the United States.

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What advantages do travelers have by flying out of the Albany Airport? 

American Airlines Highlights Their Updated Logo On Newly Painted Boeing 737-800's
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One of the biggest advantages I can see with the Albany Airport? Well, there really is many of them, but here is two. The airport is really easy to get to, there are a bunch of signs that get you from the Thruway to the airport, easily. The second (of many) reasons why the Albany Airport is great, the cost of their long-term parking. The long-term economy lot is just $6 per day. Great if you are going to be away for multiple days.

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Which is your preferred airport in New York State?

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Here's what we know about the new routes:

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