More and more people are starting to get out and do things. You can't watch the news or follows friends on Facebook without seeing that everyone is starting to get back out there and get back together with family. The funny part is most of us before the pandemic might have put off the family vacation with relatives or even that extra long Sunday dinner. Now we are craving it.

It seems like everyone is making a plan to get together with family. The more the merrier. It is actually really fun to see how creative people are getting about getting back together. In the past is might have been a simple Sunday dinner which hopefully everyone attended. Now it is weekend long outings with games and adventures.

Mike Powell

Hopefully now that travel restrictions are lifting and more people are getting the COVID vaccine you will be able to plan a trip to see the family you haven't gotten to lay eyes on in over a year.

Here's a fun fact, this coming Tuesday (May 18th) is National Visit Your Relatives Day according to the National Days Calendar. Even if you can't make a plan to see a relative on that day your could make the plan to see a relative another day. Reach out and let them know yoou are ready for that long awaited family dinner.

Many people took advantage of Mother's Day to see family. My Husband actually just left to see our Grandson this past Thursday. We haven't seen that crew since before the pandemic started. I am hoping that in 2022 I will get to see my sister. She live on the other side of the globe and hasn't been able to visit thanks to COVID restrictions We are hoping that all of this will be behind us next year.


So plan your road trip to see that family you thought you'd never miss because you saw then so often and then didn't thanks to the pandemic. I have my car pointed towards Indiana the first chance I can string a few days together.

Ideas of where to go in the Hudson Valley with everyone

The Wood'n Wheel Fun Center in Ulster Park, The Mid Hudson Children's Museum in Poughkeepsie, Bounce in Poughkeepsie, the Pine Ridge Dude Ranch, Splashdown Beach, even Bear Mountain State Park.

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Father's Day's next month plan a trip to see dad.

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