This little building. Is it a bird house or something else? Look closer, you will find something awesome. Books!

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Ok, it might not be awesome for everyone, but for people who love to read it is great. These Little Free Library's are all over the Hudson Valley, most are even in plain site. Open up the doors and discover a new (used) read for yourself or grab a few books that you have been meaning to pass on and share, as you can leave them inside.

Where can you find them? There is a search locator at the main website Look closer, as the photos show you a little more of what you can expect when you come across one.

These little library houses are really great if money is tight and you want to read more books or if you just have a hard time remembering to get your books back to the library and you can keep these books forever if you like. You can also read them and bring them back so someone else can.

Little Free Libraries Hide in Plain Site


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