If you were impacted by the storm and are still cleaning up, be cautious of this suspicious behavior.

The Hudson Valley is still recovering after a massive ice storm hit the area Friday. Ulster County got hit the hardest and a lot of damage in the county was caused by the freezing rain and ice mixture. Residents in the county are still trying to clean up after the mess and New York's Attorney General Letitia James has put out a warning to residents and is asking them to be careful of scammers who are trying to take advantage of repair and property cleanup needs.

According to the Ulster County Government Instagram Page, here are some tips on how to avoid being scammed.

Don't Pay Full Price Right Up Front

The warning says it is best to set up a payment plan with a contractor doing this kind of work and to not make final payments until the job is complete. It also mentions that it's a good idea to get any kind of estimates in writing. If not, the individual doing the work could increase the amount you owe by a lot and try to charge you for even more.

Check, Double Check and Triple Check

It's a good idea to check that anyone doing this kind of work has the right permits to do the job and a contractor has valid insurance. You potentially could be held liable if the contractor does not have the required insurance.


No....Price Gouging Is Not Okay

State law actually forbids this when it comes to essential consumer goods and services and if you or someone else has experienced this you can call (800)-771-7755 for help.

References Can Be Important

Word of mouth and double checking someone's work can very helpful. Not everyone writes reviews about services online and you could avoid a bad experience by learning from someone else.


Be cautious and heres to hoping there are no more ice storms this winter.

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