Each county brings some unique history to the area.

I've spent a good amount of time in Putnam County over the past few years and have always enjoyed going there. The county is filled with tons of cute restaurants, walking trails, shops and more. I actually came pretty close to living in the county and this had prompted me to do some research about it.

Putnam, How Did The County Get That Name?

Putnam County was formed in 1812 and it was named after a reported hero in the French and Indian War and a General in the American Revolutionary War. Oh yeah the answer, his name was Isreal Putnam.

Location, Location, Location

According to putnamcountyny.com, the county was one of the fastest growing ones in the state. Putnam did become an area people liked to visit in the summer because of the reservoirs, lakes and walking locations. Woah, the population would reportedly double during the summer at times because it became so desirable. Putnam was also an area people wanted to live because they could have a more quiet life, but it was still easy to get into New York City.

Miscellaneous Facts

This is pretty cool and I think makes some of us a little jealous, the county is one of the most affluent counties in America. Interesting as well, the first village was named and called Fredericksburg and  today that is currently the hamlet of Patterson.



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