Every place has a story and there are a lot of interesting facts behind this one.

Whenever I hear someone mention Sullivan County, I immediately think of going to concerts at Bethel Woods. I haven't spent much time in that area, but it's safe to say it's beautiful and a lot more has gone on there than just concerts. I did a little research and came across some interesting facts about the county.

How did Sullivan County get its name?

Good question, the county was named after Major General John Sullivan. He was dubbed a hero during the American Revolutionary War.

What was Sullivan County known for?

The area was very popular during the summer months. Many people would come to relax and take advantage of the beautiful scenery and views. There were also popular resorts that hosted a ton of entertainment and events during the 1920s-1970s. The term Borscht Belt was often used to describe the area and tourism was a hit during that time. Many people would come and travel to the area by train or car.

Sullivan County Fun Facts

In 1969 it was the site of the famous Woodstock Festival. That's the big one, but there were also a ton of great resources in the area and this provided the perfect setting for summer camps. Also, the Industrial Revolution helped increase the amount of jobs that were available and helped boost the population.

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