A lot of Hudson Valley residents have been advocating for an immediate reopening of hair and nail salons. Sadly, that decision may come under more scrutiny after a local barber who has allegedly been cutting hair during New York's 'pause' has tested positive for COVID-19.

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Barber shops, hair salons, nail salons and massage parlors in New York were ordered to close back in March due to the 'pause' to help stop the spread of corona virus. The controversial decision to shut  these businesses down has frustrated many New York residents. Not just the ones who enjoy the luxury of a professional cut and color but for the stylists, barbers and other beauticians who rely on appointments to make a living. The outrage has even sparked an online petition to open them back up slowly and responsibly.

According to a Facebook post on the Ulster County Government page, A public health notice has been sent warning Ulster County and neighboring residents that a barber who has been conducting business out of an undisclosed location in Kingston for the past several weeks has tested positive for COVID-19. The notice suggests that anyone who has gotten their haircut at a barbershop in Kingston should see their doctor immediately and seek testing. If you need resources the Ulster County COVID-19 hot line is (845) 443-8888.

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