A Hudson Valley barbershop is being forced to close its doors after almost three decades and move several towns away.

The small-town charm of many Hudson Valley communities has been slowly disappearing. The mom-and-pop shop on the corner, the family-run restaurant and the local barbershop have all fallen victim to higher rents and an influx of new residents unfamiliar with many of the small businesses that have been operating in the Hudson Valley for generations.

This week, a popular barber shop announced that it was shutting down and moving to a more affordable location a half-hour away. Vincent Melfi, owner of the Beacon Barber Shop, says that the Eliza Street location will close forever on January 14. In Facebook comments about the announcement, Jan-Marie Melfi, Vincent's wife, blames the move on the building's rent being "tripled."

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Beacon has been experiencing a real estate boom over the past few years, with many small businesses being driven out due to high rents. Family-run businesses like Beacon Barber Shop have been replaced by trendy bars and boutique shops that appeal to the influx of New York City residents who have made Beacon a popular tourist destination.

As a native of Beacon himself, Melfi says he will miss welcoming many of his friends and family members at the barber shop.

It is with a very heavy heart that I had to make the decision to relocate my business to Hyde Park. I would personally like to thank everyone for the years of support. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet, serve, and become friends with so many wonderful people. Fortunately, when ever one door closes, another door opens. I am optimistic about the new location, which is on a busy highway, in a nice plaza, with plenty of convenient parking and high visibility.

Melfi says that his new barber shop will open sometime during the first week of February at the Rock Ledge Plaza located at 1164 Route 9G in Hyde Park.

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