Well, the guy was just trying to make a buck. The NY Post is reporting that a salon owner was ticketed for giving a haircut in the bed of his pickup truck. Video taken by a nosy neighbor surfaced which lead to the ticketing.

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The shop owner can be seen wearing a mask and gloves. Now, he feels his Constitutional rights have been violated. The Freeport barber recently told News 12: 

I own the truck and it’s my truck, I think I’m able to do what I want in my truck.

While his shop was considered non-essential, the owner says he just wants to stay afloat amid the Coronavirus shutdown. Do you feel he was right? Does he have the right to make a living? Should the bystander who took the video just should have minded their own business?

Freeport police issued him a ticket and warned him he could face misdemeanor charges for violating public health laws if it happens again. Police did not tell the Post how much he was fined for the violation.

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