State officials are urging New Yorkers to get a new COVID-19 vaccine shot.

On Wednesday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul updated New Yorkers after the CDC approved the updated COVID-19 vaccine.

Hochul Urges New Yorkers To Get Updated COVID Vaccine

Darren McGee- Office of Governor
Darren McGee- Office of Governor

Hochul is urging all eligible New Yorkers to get the updated COVID-19 vaccine once it's made available. Officials believe it will be available later this week.

“The vaccine has always been the best way to protect yourself and your community against COVID-19, and this updated vaccine addresses newer strains of the virus that are currently circulating,” Governor Hochul said. “As we enter the Fall season when respiratory viruses circulate, it is vital that New Yorkers consider getting this updated vaccine to protect themselves from this still dangerous virus.”

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Updated Vaccine Targets COVID-19 Omicron Subvariants Effective Against Newer Strains


The 2023-24 vaccine, previously approved by the FDA, should be available at pharmacies and physicians’ offices, as well as other health care providers, throughout New York State in the coming days, officials say.

“As we head into the fall and winter months, and once again see an uptick in COVID across the State, I urge all New Yorkers to remember that COVID is a treatable disease, and we now have an updated vaccine that will help reduce your chance of serious illness and hospitalization. Remember, it’s about personal protection, personal prevention, and personal wellness," New York State Department of Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald said.

COVID Cases, Hospitalizations Continue To Increase Across New York State

Health officials are pushing the updated COVID-19 vaccine because new COVID cases and hospitalizations continue to rise across the state.

Holiday Surge At Covid Testing Sites Subsides, Even As Omicron Continues Its Spread
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Officials report the new vaccine is needed because of waning immunity and mutated variants. The updated vaccine targets newer strains of the virus-like Omicron.

"According to CDC, more than 90% of the COVID viruses circulating are closely related to that strain, with tests showing the updated vaccine effective at increasing immunity to a more recent variant, called BA.2.86," Hochul's office states.

New York State On High Alert Over 'Highly-Mutated' Virus

Canva / IvelinRadkov
Canva / IvelinRadkov

BA.2.86. is a new, "highly mutated" COVID-19 variant, according to health officials. Experts believe this strain, which is becoming prevalent around the world, has 30 mutations relative to the original COVID-19.

It has a high potential to evade immunity. Officials believe this variant, also called "Pirola" has a higher chance of infecting people who have recovered from COVID or are vaccinated.

CDC Recommends Vaccine for All New Yorkers Ages 6-Months and Older Who Are Two-Months Past Last Vaccine

The updated COVID-19 vaccine is recommended for everyone who's 6 months or older and hasn't received a COVID-19 vaccine in the last two months.

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New Yorkers Also Encouraged to Get Their Annual Flu Shot, in Addition to the Updated COVID Vaccine, and to Ask Providers About the RSV Vaccine

Irina Shatilova
Irina Shatilova

If you plan to get the updated COVID vaccine New York health officials encourage you to get it with your annual flu shot and ask your doctor about any other potential vaccines like the RSV vaccine.

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