You've probably been flooded with prom pictures all over your social media timelines. There's a good chance you've probably seen a photo or 2 of a softball/baseball game as well.

As the school year winds down, so does the baseball and softball season which leads, if your team is good enough, to sectional playoff games and possible championships.

Well, it looks like one Upstate New York team has was it takes to make it to the big dance, but won't have some of its star players. All because of prom.

The Shenendehowa Pridesman won their sectional softball game last week and is heading to a semi-final game on Long Island on Friday, June 9th. However, News13 is reporting that the Shenendehowa High School softball team, in Saratoga County, will be missing 6 of its 7 seniors from its New York State Semi-Finals game.

Senior prom falls on Friday, June 9th and the seniors chose to go to prom over their championship game. News13 goes on to report that the seniors wanted to play in the Friday semi-final, but they would not play in the championship game if they won. News13 writes:

 The school did not agree with that plan, saying the players needed to be available for both games or not at all.

Shenendehowa's Athletic Director, Chris Cullnan, told News13 “I’ve never experienced this in 16 years,” adding “We’ve had teams that have changed in the parking lot to get to prom. We’ve had teams that our principal has held the door open until 8:30, so kids could get to the prom and be able to go.”

If you were in the senior softball players' shoes (or cleats) what would you pick? Prom or Championship? Let us know!


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