We all know what a cool town Rhinebeck is. It’s one of the most visited in Dutchess County, with its small shops, great restaurants, one of the best farmers markets in the Hudson Valley, and it’s also super walkable. But Rhinebeck is much more than a cool place to visit. 

Rhinebeck is also a community with residents who actually care about their town and each other. Just visit the Rhinebeck Farmers Market on a Sunday afternoon, and you'll get an idea of how the members of the community love to mingle with each other, talk about their lives and families, and the neighborhood. Rhinebeck is not only a great place to visit, it's a great place to live.

And now Rhinebeck has an even bigger sense of community with the addition of the brand new Pavilion at Brookemeade. The new Pavilion at Brookemeade at 34 Brookemeade Drive is a new multi-purpose functioning facility providing a wide range of services for seniors and the Rhinebeck community at large.

The Pavilion will offer a variety of services such as a hair salon, children's day care, venue space and wellness programs. The Pavilion is designed to encourage socialization, support wellness of seniors and the residents of the community.

The Pavilion at Brookemeade will also serve the community by hosting your events and gatherings including weddings, birthday parties, banquets and corporate events. To learn more about the wide range of services available to seniors and to everyone in the Rhinebeck community, visit the Pavilion at Brookemeade web page

Now, one of the best towns in Dutchess County is even better. Next time you head to Rhinebeck for a meal or to do some shopping, check out the new Pavilion at Brookemeade. It’s a great addition to the community.


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