We’ve had so many reports of restaurants closing, both temporarily and permanently, due to the covid pandemic. How about I tell you something refreshing for a change? Like the news that one of our favorite restaurants is back to indoor dining after about two weeks of only offering take-out.

Back on or about Jan. 11, Terrapin Restaurant in Rhinebeck announced that for the safety of their staff, customers and the community, they would be closing their dining room for a little while and move to take-out only. It was the right decision, but we were all a little bummed out by the news. Well, I’m happy to tell you that as of today, Terrapin’s indoor dining spaces are open once again.

They’ve been tracking the numbers, and even though Dutchess County still has covid, it seems to be on a downward trend. So, Terrapin will be serving once again, seven days a week from 11:30AM - 10PM. That’s great news! That doesn’t mean they’re taking any risks. Masks will be required when you’re not seated at your table and when you interact with the staff, whether you are seated or not.

I have to tell you, this opening couldn’t come quick enough. I rode through Rhinebeck the other day, and it seemed to be somewhat of a ghost town. There weren’t even any cars parked along Route 9 the way they usually are. I’m glad to see that Terrapin is reopening and things will be looking back to normal in Rhinebeck and everywhere else in no time. 


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