How come we just can't have nice things? There is a quaint establishment in Accord, NY, The Stone House in Accord, which has had its own wooden bear sculpture named "Rock Hudson" greet its patrons since November of 2020.

I am sure that their guests love the bear and would feel like something is missing if the bear were no longer there.

Sadly, that has happened. The owners of Stone House took to Facebook to share the sad news.

Where did the bear go? While as of the publishing of this note, no one knows.

Come on, this could be its own episode of CSI! So, who could take the bear? Allegedly it weighs 300 pounds. So, whoever did it, would have to be strong or for it to have multiple people.

I would like to say we should go there, have a few drinks and become a version of Sherlock Holmes or CSI Hudson Valley.

According to the above Facebook post from the Stone House Tavern, there was no ransom note left and they have zero ideas as to who (or is it whom?) would have gone to great lengths to swipe their Rock Hudson bear.

If you know or have any information on this caper, please contact the team at Stone House Tavern. They are hoping that someone comes forward and brings "Rock" back (hopefully in the same condition as he was taken in), they are even offering a reward for the 'safe return and apprehension of the culprits.'

If you know anything please reach out. Maybe your reward might even include a slice of Key Lime Pie.

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