Residents in the small New York town of Westbrookville have some news that will definitely bring them some joy this morning. It was just recently announced that the small town will once again be able to frequent their local post office in the near future, as it is now scheduled for a grand reopening following a shocking and abrupt closing earlier this year.

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A Rude Surprise in the Mail

When the news originally came out earlier this year at the end of June, it immediately struck the community hard. What struck the community even harder was the fact that they were given virtually no notice of the post offices closing whatsoever. It was quite literally a case of "here today and gone tomorrow."

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Maybe even more disturbing was the fact that local residents weren't even given a reason for the post office closing, just that they would now be getting their mail from the Otisville Post Office. You can read more about the original closing of the Westbrookville Post Office down below.

Check This Out: Westbrookville Post Office Surprise Closing Stuns Local Residents

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Reopening Day Announced in Westbrookville

The surprise closing of the Westbrookville Post Office didn't just make waves within the community, it also garnered the attention of many outside of the community. In particular caught the attention of New York Congressman, Pat Ryan.


Roughly two months after the closing of the Westbrookville Post Office, Congressman Ryan went to bat for the community residents. He did this by penning a letter to the United States Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, Louis DeJoy. The letter highlighted all of the numerous reasons why the post office must be reopened and why it was so wrong to shut its door in the first place.


This all leads us to today, where the news was just recently announced that the Westbrookville Post Office will indeed be reopening its doors in the not-so-distant future. The announcement was made by both representatives Pat Ryan and Marc Molinaro.

Congressman Ryan in his statement would claim that the news was "...a major victory for the people of Westbrookville", while Congressman Molinaro said, "We knew the Westbrookville Post Office closure was wrong...Today we are being vindicated."

Busiest Day for U.S. Postal Service
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The Westbrookville Post Office is now scheduled to once again open its door in just a couple of weeks. Spectrum News reported that the reopening day is scheduled for November 14, 2023.

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