New York Gun laws seem to be changing on a daily basis. So, what is the latest? Do you need to get a permit for a Semi-Automatic Rifle? If so what if I want to get one? Is there a specific process? Is it just something that I can add to my gun permit, or will I need a new permit?

While you should always double check with the county that you are living in, to make sure you are following the most current laws, here is what I found out, while looking into getting a semi-automatic rifle in New York State.

Who needs to get a semi-automatic rifle license in New York State?

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First, for a permit you must be 21-years of age (unless you were a member of the military and have honorably left military service). If you owned a semi-automatic rifle before the changes in the gun laws, then you can still own, but if you wanted to add more of these to your collection, then you would have to apply for the new permit. 

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Wait, when did this legally change in New York State?

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Ok, so to get pretty much any new gun since the changes in the NYS laws purchased or acquired after Sept 4, 2022, you need to get a permit for this type of gun. The permitting process will be through your sheriff's department in your county. You will also need to go through the recertification process (just like with handguns) every five years.

Would you like to dig deeper into what New York State has to say about semiautomatic guns, and if you owned them before that September date, click here, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has a few answers to all of our questions. Click here for a little more clarity, when it comes to semiautomatic rifles (PDF).

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