As a gun owner you might be aware of all of the change in the New York State gun laws that have taken place over the last few years (and will continue to change in the next few years) but when was the last time you tried to buy ammunition?

There have been some changes made to that as well. Formerly you could walk into a store, and depending on the type of bullets and the gun, you might need to show your gun permit (unless it was for a long gun) and then you handed over your money and walked out the store. Heck, you might have even had the ammunition delivered. How has that changed for New York State?

What do you need to do to buy ammunition now in New York State?

Photo by J Irby on Unsplash
Photo by J Irby on Unsplash

In order to purchase ammunition in New York State, you will have to purchase it from a retailer who has a New York State firearms dealer license, or one that has registered with New York State as Seller of Ammunition. Is that the only change? Nope, this is New York State, so keep reading about what else you will need to do and why getting ammo is going to cost you more. 

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What happens when you walk into one of these locations to get ammunition in NYS?

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When you go to buy the ammo, you will need to have a background check to purchase it. You will also need to have your gun permit, along with your ID. To facilitate the background check, there will be a charge of $2.50 added to all ammunition purchases in New York State.

Have more questions, you can keep reading or call 1-855-LAW-GUNSW, which is run by the New York State Police during normal business hours.

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