Do you currently have a Pistol Permit that is valid in the State of New York? If you do, make sure that you get it recertified every 5 years, you do not want to let anything happen to that permit.

If you are looking to get a pistol permit in New York State, what do you do? Do you know that things are changing on 9/1/22 as to what you need to in order to qualify for a pistol permit? Where do you apply?

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How does someone get a pistol permit in New York State?

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Michal Oska

As of September 1, 2022, you will need to meet a few more requirements in order to apply for a permit. You will start the process as before, getting the permit applications from the county with which you reside. That is only the start. Keep in mind that the entire process to get your permit can (as my friends told me, who have gotten their permits more recently than I) take up to a year or so to get.

What else will you need to do to get a pistol permit in New York State?


In addition to the permit application, you will also now need to take a firearms safety class, which will include a minimum of 16-hours classroom instruction. You will need to pass a test, based on that instruction, with a score of 80% or higher. In addition to the classroom training, you will also need to take 2-hours of live fire training, and then show a certain proficiency in that part of the training as well.

This is all in addition to filling the forms out, getting what you need to notarized, the witness statements, etc, in order to get your permit. This is not 100% inclusive of everything that you will need to do, but it is a start. For more information, click here for the PDF from the Sherriff's office.

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