New York state is known for its nature trails and scenic views. Residents and visitors enjoy hiking, biking, walking and exploring local preserves.

Hiking enthusiasts can explore the lowest point of the Appalachian Trail in the Hudson Valley. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy mentioned,

"At 124 feet, Bear Mountain is also the lowest elevation point on the entire A.T."

The Hudson Valley has a hidden nature preserve that was once a racetrack.

Former Hudson Valley Racetrack Now Hidden Preserve

Canva, Facebook, Tuxedo Park, NY

The Historical Marker Database shared information about one of the Hudson Valley's former racetrack that is now a hidden preserve.

The Race Track Nature Preserve was established in the 1880's. During this time, this site was known as a polo field along with horse racing and a dog showground until the 1940's.

Nature lovers can soon explore a new nature preserve within New York state.

When Will New York's Catskills Area Open A New Nature Preserve?

Catskill Water Discovery Center
Catskill Water Discovery Center

The Catskill Water Discovery Center shared information about this new nature preserve. They mentioned that this preserve is being created on 33 acres of land. Trails, stations and more will be located between,

"the East Branch of the Delaware River and the historic Delaware & Ulster train’s railroad tracks in Arkville."


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The East Branch Nature Preserve Will Open Within The Catskills In 2024

The Catskill Water Discovery Center also shared that they will make an announcement about the preserve and its official opening date for the public in 2024.

They also mentioned that

"The East Branch of the Delaware River, with its headwaters in neighboring Roxbury, is part of the watershed that supplies NYC’s water."

The Catskill Water Discovery Center stated that rabbits, bald eagles, deer and more live among the East Branch Nature Preserve in Arkville, NY.

It's exciting that a new nature preserve will open this year.

Additional information and updates about The East Branch Nature Preserve can be found on their website.

Will you explore this new preserve when it opens? Which nature trail do you enjoy visiting in the Hudson Valley? Tell us more below.

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