Can you imagine, sinking your teeth in to a burger so big and tasty that you can hardly get your mouth around it? Oh yes! There is even a day to celebrate this tasty delight, National Hamburger Day and National Beef Burger Day, May 28, 2020.

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Please keep in mind that you should not confuse this date with September 18, which is National Cheeseburger Day. According to, the following deals will be taking place at participating locations across New York.

All of the above listed restaurants currently have drive thru or to-go ordering, only. You can order at the drive-thru window or order in advance through their apps..

Where is the best burger that you ever had? Did you make it at home? Was it at a restaurant? What toppings do you insist on having on your burger? Does your bun need to be toasted? Is it grilled? Fried on a flat-top? Share with us, so we don't miss out on a better burger experience!

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