Ever found yourself thinking about something that made absolutely no sense? Bare with me for one moment. I travel on 9W, heading south from the Mid-Hudson Bridge several times per week and I have found a situation that baffles me every time, maybe you can help me out.

Why do drivers on 9W not use their blinkers? So, I merge into the south bound lanes from the bridge, I am usually the only one with a blinker on. Then it continues toward Hannaford, where there is a left turn lane along with two south bound (and two northbound lanes) I watch people continually not use their blinkers to merge into that left turn lane to head into the Hannaford/Mobile area. WHY I ask you? Why can't people use a blinker?

Next time you are making that trip, heading south, from the Mid-Hudson Bridge, just see if anyone is using their blinker. I would hazard a guess to say that 90% of the time, the person in front of you, will not be using their blinker. Just be aware of it the next time and watch.

Is there another place in the Hudson Valley that you know people consistently do not use their blinker (like Route 9, Route 17?) let us know, brandi@943LiteFM.com.

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