There are many things that I discovered when I learned to ride a motorcycle. Do I ride often? A couple times a year, but the safety classes and riding has changed the way I drive and the way I ride. 

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Here are just a few things that I did not know about motorcycles and riding before I started:

5 Things You Might Not Know About Motorcycles

If you are learning to ride, you might want to find someone who is a seasoned rider and ask if you can go on a few rides with them. I have found that conscientious riders are happy to show you the ropes, give you real life suggestions and even show you the things that they have learned in their travels that have helped them ride many a time enjoyably and safely.

Are there rides that you like to take in the fall months? Feel free to share them as I am looking forward to many more great rides before the end of 2020.

Maybe I will be the one waving to you on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

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