More than ever, we notice that Hudson Valley weather can be unpredictable. The spring and summer months in the Hudson Valley gave us sunshine, warm weather with alot of rain. I believe that the rainy months did keep the grass bright and green.

Some Hudson Valley residents claimed that this was one of the "rainiest" summers they have experienced. During the summer, we did experience some floods and were shocked to have another in December, 2023.

According to Hudson Valley Post, Hudson Valley roads were closed, some school districts scheduled delays and school closings. Several power outages occurred throughout the Hudson Valley due to strong winds.

Thankfully, the Hudson Valley has recovered although some parks and trails are temporarily closed. Scenic Hudson provided important information about what remains closed and what has reopened in our area.

What Does Scenic Hudson Provide For The Hudson Valley?

According to Scenic Hudson, they began their journey as six community members who came together in the 1960's. Their duty to help save Storm King Mountain in the Hudson Highlands was the first event where they realized they could be "a leader in safeguarding the Hudson Valley".

Overtime, Scenic Hudson has taken upon themselves to make a difference by preserving Hudson Valley landscapes, family farms and helping protect the air, water and land from pollution.

They explained,

"Our success in transforming contaminated industrial sites along the Hudson River into magnificent public parks has received national attention. "


"Recognizing our pioneering work in developing and implementing collaborative strategies to conserve “must-save” lands, Scenic Hudson received the National Land Trust Excellence Award — the highest honor bestowed by the national Land Trust Alliance — in 2011."


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What Hudson Valley Parks Are Closed Due To Major Flooding?

Scenic Hudson provided helpful information about Hudson Valley parks that are temporarily closed. By visiting their website, guests can stay updated on additional information.

On December 18, 2023, the following post was made by Scenic Hudson on social media.

"PARKS ALERT: Due to recent flooding, the parks listed below are temporarily closed. Please check our website ( for updates on park access, and to explore many of our other parks that are open. Stay dry and safe out there!"

Scenic Hudson shared what parks were temporarily closed as of December 18, 2023.

Esopus Meadows Preserve, Esty & Hellie Stowell Trailhead at Storm King Mountain and Long Dock Park were temporarily closed. 

Mount Beacon Park, West Point Foundry Preserve and Foundry Dock Park were also closed during that time.

What Hudson Valley Parks Have Reopened After December 2023's Flood?

Scenic Hudson provided updated information in regards to recent flooding that took place in the Hudson Valley. 

On December 20, 2023, the following post was made by Scenic Hudson on social media.

"⚠️PARKS ALERT: ⚠️ For safety reasons (related to recent flash flooding), Esty & Hellie Stowell Trailhead at Storm King Mountain, Long Dock Park, and Mount Beacon Park will be temporarily closed until further notice. Check our handy parks pages for updates on accessibility, safety, hours, and more."

Scenic Hudson also included information about Hudson Valley parks that were impacted by recent flooding but have now reopened to the public.

Guests can now visit Esopus Meadows Preserve, West Point Foundry Preserve and Foundry Dock Park as they have reopened according to Scenic Hudson.

With mild weather for the month of December so far in the Hudson Valley, residents have been able to stroll their favorite trails and parks without any snow in sight.

What Hudson Valley parks will you visit? Share with us below, stay dry!

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