The Hudson Valley is known for its beautiful views during all four seasons, plenty of activities and events and local trails.

Residents can walk, jog, bike and more on Hudson Valley trails. Some of these trails are a part of the daily routine of Hudson Valley residents and provide a safe, beautiful and relaxing experience.

Positive improvements were made to a popular Hudson Valley walking trail in time for residents to enjoy it during the summer months.

How Can Residents Access This Favorite Hudson Valley Walking Trail?


Did you know that the Empire State Trail was launched by New York State? According to New York State, It was completed with the action to promote community, enjoy outdoor activities and embrace healthy lifestyles.

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Outdoor Enthusiasts Can Enjoy The Empire State Trail In New Paltz, NY

On June 16, 2024 the mayor of New Paltz, NY, Tim Rogers shared information on Facebook about a popular Hudson Valley walking trail and how residents can access it even more now.

He stated that the a

"new connection for Empire State Trail in New Paltz" in now open the public. 

Rogers also shared information about the Village of New Paltz worked on a project including

"to reinforce connectivity and augment the Town’s pedestrian and bike lane project along Henry W. Dubois Drive that will run east/west from N. Chestnut to N. Putt Corners."

He continued to share that the project was created to add to the New York State 750 mile Empire State Trail. This project would include construction of parts of sidewalk, a relocation of Stewart's Shops, a rail trail connection and more.

Over time, the Village of New Paltz came to an agreement with the Hudson River Valley Greenway and got over $100,000 to connect the HWD to the trail which later increased as well.

Rogers mentioned,

"Completion of the 150-foot public trail segment from HWD to the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail now provides a safer and direct connection from the HWD and N. Chestnut intersection. "

How Does The Hudson Valley Community Feel About The Updates For The Empire State Trail?

Canva, Tim Rogers
Canva, Tim Rogers

Facebook users shared their response to the information provided by New Paltz Mayor, Tim Rogers.

They explained,

"Great to see this clearly marked public trail segment from HWD to the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail!. The earlier route was clunky and clearly not up to a high standard for what was being developed.."

Additional information about this Hudson Valley trail can be found on Roger's facebook page.

Where is your favorite trail to explore in the Hudson Valley? Will you explore the Empire State Rail Trail within New York state? Tell us more below.

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