There is so much that can be seen when taking a back road in the Hudson Valley. In the Hudson Valley, there are beautiful views of farms and acres of land all throughout each county.

Have you ever been driving down a road and notice something out of the corner of your eye? It's possible that at times, you have stopped to take a double look at something or even a picture to figure it out.

The next time that you're driving in the Hudson Valley, keep an eye out for buckets on trees.

Did You See These Buckets On Trees In The Hudson Valley?

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

While some Hudson Valley residents may question why there are alot of buckets on trees in our area, others already have it figured out.

These buckets are apart of the process of maple sugaring within New York state.

According to Visit Adirondacks

"New York State is the second-largest producer of maple syrup in the United States"

They also stated that New York State's official tree is the sweet, Sugar Maple. New York State is filled with so much to explore, learn and enjoy.

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Why Is Maple Sugaring Season Popular In New York State?

Scenic Hudson shared fascinating information about maple sugaring in New York state.

"descendants of the Hudson Valley’s Indigenous peoples continue to protect its importance to their culture and people."

ILOVENY also shared that  New York state is considered one of the places throughout the world where maple syrup is not only produced but where our Sugar Maple trees “thrive”.

It will be fun to now take a look at the back of our maple syrup bottle to see where it is made. If my current maple syrup bottle isn't made in New York state, I will have to find one that is to support our local businesses.

When Does Maple Sugaring Season Happen Within New York State?


Scenic Hudson also explained

"Contemporary sugar makers begin harvesting sap as winter wanes, usually around the beginning of March. "

They continued to share that having warmer days in the Hudson Valley that also include nights below freezing can help create conditions that can produce the flow of sap.

During this time of year, local residents may see an increase of maple sugaring events within the Hudson Valley.

Here Are 2 Hudson Valley Events To Indulge Into Maple Sugar Season

The Ashokan Center

477 Beaverkill Rd, Olivebridge, NY 12461

The Ashokan Center is having Maple Sugar Fest 2024. This will take place on March 9, 2024- March 10, 2024 from 10 am until 2pm in Olivebridge.

During these events, guests can experience one of their guided hikes which will lead to the sugar shack on site. Those who visit can also participate in blacksmithing demos at The Ashokan Center. Live music and food will also be available for purchase. 

Advanced general admission is $10 and $12 the day of. Kids under 5 years old can get in for free to this event.

Additional information can be found on The Ashokan Center's website and social media platforms.

Seed Song Farm

 160 Esopus Ave, Kingston, NY 12401

Seed Song Farm is having their Maple Weekends. This will take place on March 3, 2024, March 10, 2024 and March 16, 2024 from 11am until 3pm in Kingston, NY.

Guests can visit Seed Song Farm to decorate wooden medallions in their greenhouse. Those who visit this event can also listen to a story of maple sugaring as well, learn about the process of tapping maple trees and what it takes to extract sap from the trees.

Guests who explore Seed Song Farm for their maple weekends can also participate in the development of turning sap into syrup.

For a separate fee, visitors can enjoy pancakes with local syrup and ingredients too. Live music will also take place at Seed Song Farm during their maple weekends.

Additional information can be found on Seed Song Farm's website and social media platforms.

Did you know the reason why there are buckets on trees in the Hudson Valley? Will you attend a maple sugar season event within the Hudson Valley? Share more with us below.

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